iunie 09, 2010

puncte puncte

I admit it! The songs of ATB are making me thin skin. I had the luck to listen them so many times that I can't stop. In the end I'll be addicted. When I 'm working at my pc, I'm listening, when I'm going out, I'm listening, I'm taking my Ipod, and I run away. Sometimes they are making me so temperate, sometimes are making me sad, are driving me on the highest mountain of the past, which is there, always there, even behind each lyric, and every tought. I'm going back just to take a look, just to see things that I sometimes I regret, and other times I'm not. Ups and downs, evey people have its. Don't know what's happening....
I try to run as fast as I can, to get there, in other chapter of my life, to write the facts on the paper and to say : its over, you just did it, no way back!
Its not easy, to stay up and to look down, over your past. I'm a human and I make mistakes like all of you, but I hope one day I'll be forgiven and then I'll take all from my heart, that heavy sin.