noiembrie 19, 2009


There's nothing inside that I can tell
It's like a storm or maybe like a spell
I'm runing but you're still beside me
I wish one day you will set me free.....
I trying to hide my emotions
I know also that all it's over
Please don't try to turn me back
Cuz' i don t want to see you sad.

The time is faster then I thought
I can't continue with smth that's wrong
I have to say to you this real things
I want you to know how it feels.
I don't want to punish your soul
Just that you're wrong, nothing more
No pain, no sorrow, just hapiness
To the garbage with that mess.

Raise your eyes to the blue sky

And pepaire yourself to fly

From now on you're free

....and please try to forget me.

3 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

I don't know others, but I certainly have not you ever forget tzucule :X

Anne spunea...

cat de trist si de frumos in acelasi

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